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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dog Life Jacket for Fun and Safety

Now dogs and dog owners both can fully enjoy water activities with aid of Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket!

Perfectly designed for safety and comfort, any dog size from Chihuahua or Akita have perfect fit size to wear. Keep your dog safe with the added buoyancy this life jacket provides. The mesh underbelly helps properly drain and dry so that no chafing will occur and prevents heat exhaustion from happening to your beloved dog.

Designed for dog safety and fun for all water activities, visit for more info.
  •     "Blue and Yellow" design makes a perfectly safe dog life jacket for hanging out on the deck or the dock.
  •     Made to provide ultimate buoyancy & high visibility.
  •     Equipped with heavy-duty, yet more comfortable, Velcro® fastening system around the belly & neck.
  •     Breathable mesh underbelly for proper draining & drying.
  •     Handle on top for quick & easy grabbing.  


Jackie Champion said...

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Dogs are excellent swimmers when they have full use of their bodies. Injuries or tangled life jacket straps can make it much for difficult for a dog to negotiate open water. The wake from other boats and choppy conditions can make your dog difficult to spot, too, so make sure his life vest is brightly colored and highly visible. Dogs plus water equals fun--if you look after their safety first.

demony granger said...

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dog life vest

Jannah Delfin said...

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